free hairy pussy video - Nine Ridiculous Rules About Beautiful Hairy Pussy

free hairy pussy video - Nine Ridiculous Rules About Beautiful Hairy Pussy


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I made my bio "6 feet, 9 inches. I was given an embarrassment of riches. Those are two separate measurements. A few others were girls who were not looking for hookups. " My first several matches were bots. Some guys are lucky in the cock size department. But then I found Rebekah. After years very young hairy pussy of having women complain that my size makes rough sex difficult, I endeavored in my 21st year to seek out a woman who would be more appreciative of my cyclopean friend below my belt.

Rebekah was a few years older than me, a graduate student at a nearby university. I created a Tinder profile with a few pictures of myself. Like me, she was new to the city, she had just come to her program from Israel, I had just transferred from a school in another state. God, was she perfect from her photos.

Short, from the looks of it, maybe 51 or 52, with long curly black hair, deep brown doe eyes, and the kind of body Akon cant describe without being disrespectful. A beach shot reveal she was not built bottom heavy. I would have guessed from the bikini picture that she was an E cup. I would have packed it in and called this a failed attempt.

The caption on the beach pic even said "my eyes are up here. " I kept the conversation PG and flirty, opening with a pun based on her name. Like me, she was recently out of a bad relationship and not looking for anything serious. She new goddamned well cunt pussy pics what she was doing putting those pictures on her profile. Finally she Free Hairy Pussy Pics was the one to bring up my profile.

We talked about her love for yoga, her grad program, and some bars in the area. " I told her it was, but shed have to find out in person. Must be something to see? "I dont have time to go out. One girl I was hitting it off with, and when she finally read and processed my bio, she called me a pig and full of shit and unmatched.

But I do have coffee at my apartment. I put on a button up and a pair of tight fighting jeans, grabbed a condom and a small tube of lube, and went for the door. But I have mature hairy pussy tubes work I must have completed by the morning. " I asked her if she didnt have time to go out for one single cup of coffee, just to know each other. " She was staying in graduate student housing not far from my apartment.

Wearing a sundress with a low cut top, her hair back in a no nonsense ponytail. "I said six foot in my profile," I shrugged. "I wasnt expecting you to be so tall," she smiled, giving me a hug. One photo on her profile showed her in a yoga pose, her ass toward the camera, round, firm, and large in proportion to her body.

"yes, but men lie on the internet all the time," she said with a bit of a smirk. She was waiting outside, smoking a cigarette. Unlike her pictures, she wore dark rimmed glasses, which gave her a whole Hot-For-Teacher vibe I dug. Finally she leaned in and said "you should kiss me. " We sat in the semi-public picnic area for a short time, mostly talking about school related topics.

Because I am about to invite you upstairs. Because the biggest cock in the world wont save you if there is no spark. "Oh well," she shrugged, "it was worth a shot, you were awful nice to come all this way," she teased and acted as though she were walking away.

"Glad to see you are honest. I would like to know if we have chemistry first. She shut her door and told me to sit on the bed. She put the stereo on loud and then straddled me. I pulled back, waited for her response. "Fuck, I hope you dont disappoint me," she whispered in my ear before kissing my neck.

Her roommate was home which made for some awkward conversation as Rebekah shooed me into her room. I pressed upward, wanting her to feel my cock growing hard in my jeans. I pulled her into a kiss, my tongue slipping into her mouth as she began ti grind against me. " I leaned in, placing my lips to hers softly at first, then more aggressively, pulling her closer to me.

She instead slid to the floor, giggling as she played with my jeans. It did not take her long to get them off, and my boxer briefs as well. Her eyes lit up as if she had just gotten the best birthday present of her life. She looked over her shoulder, "Are you coming or what" We moved quickly to her apartment. It did not take me long to achieve full arousal.

"its glorious," she said, stroking it and kissing the tip. "Does that feel disappointing? She bit my neck and stroked me as I fingered her. My free hand slipped the condom out of my shirt pocket and handed it to her. She took me in her mouth slowly, bobbing her head and humming. Pinning her I raised the fabric of her dress and slid down her underwear, revealing a perfectly shaved target zone.

"I do not have time for anymore african hairy pussy nicey nice," she laughed. I slipped first two then three fingers into her, stretching her, preparing her for what was to come. She eagerly affixed it. She gasped "fucked," clearly winded. I grabbed her, pulling her back into the bed. In a high pitched whine she begged me not to hold back. "Put that thing in me. I did not, fucking her with long, deep, powerful thrusts. She reached climax rather quickly, and once she regained composure she begged me to move faster.

" "Are you sure," I said, my hand on my cock, teasing her with my head. She spread her legs wider. She sat up, clearly still in awe of what I could do to her. God only knows where she stored my cock with her short frame, but she seemed built for it. Her breasts were even larger than I had anticipated, her nipples small and a light pink color.

After she came again she asked if she could ride for awhile. One was pierced, as was her navel. Gradually building speed. She muttered something else in a language I didnt speak. Then she began to ride, leaning back, using her wide hips expertly.

"Fuck you have a good dick," she gasped as we both watched her sink lower on it. Trembling, she lowered herself. "Are you just going to lay there? I lifted her legs toward her breasts and unleashed a volley of just savage thrusting, the kind that would have made any girl Id slept with prior tap out. We reached climax together, both moaning nonsense words in each others ears.

"I havent been fucked like that since i came to the states" she cooed, her curly hair forming a halo around her head. So I grabbed her hips closer and began to thrust upward, matching her rhythm. " She lay there peacefully for a few more minutes than sprang up "I must get back to work," she said, "You wont hold it against me if I dont walk you out. We went faster and faster, the orgasm building deep in my balls.

" I stumbled to my feet and pulled my clothes back on. We agreed that we had to do this again, and soon. She let the fabric of her dress fall and unclasped her bra. I barely was able to get out a sentence and went on my way. "God, its nice to have a guy with a big cock again.

I passed her roommate in the living room. I let her take control for a bit, more than happy to caress her fantastic breasts and let her do the work. She was drinking a cup of tea and smiling at me as I walked pass.

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She clutched my forearm under the blanket we shared. Part 1: Discovery Part 2: Dalliance Part 3: Descent So there we were. " she moaned as I rolled her clit again. Drew leaned against me, panting, trying to do so quietly without drawing attention to herself. "Then follow me," I said, and gave her clit one final, soft pinch as I slipped my hand out of her pants.

Top row of our high school football stadium, our homecoming game laid out before us, the city lights beyond, surrounded by hundreds of screaming fans. "Score," I said cheekily in Drew’s ear against the roar of the crowd. Drew quietly redid the button on her jeans and sat up. I matched her beaming grin as we reached the bottom of the stands and made our way to the exit, still hand-in-hand.

I grabbed her hand and led her down the bleachers. We all but ran to my car. As we descended, our team completed a pass for a touchdown. Her hips bucked and rolled softly-something else she tried to conceal-and in spite of her best efforts, a quiet moan escaped her lips.

" "My parents are home," Drew said, looking crestfallen. And Drew had a key, provided by her mother so she could help out after school. Drew screamed and giggled adorably as I said down rubber peeling out of the stadium lot. My fingers, soaked in the juice from the orgasm I’d just given her, continued to slowly massage, pinch, and roll her clit inside her jeans.

" I asked once we were inside. The only event of note was that about the time we pulled onto the street where the studio was, Drew reached over, put both hands on my cock through my jeans, looked me directly in the eyes and said "Tonight, this is all mine. She kept a bed there, using it for staged photos as well as hairy pussy videos pussy images a place to stay when working long hours. I need more," she whispered.

We pulled into the strip mall where Drew’s mother leased space for her studio. " I have never been harder in my life. As Drew fumbled for her keys, I busied myself feeling her body. Drew and I made small talk and tried to make each other groan with cheesy dirty talk. The place was deserted, most of the town attending the homecoming game.

"How romantic," Drew said, her voice as dripping with sarcasm as her pussy had felt under my fingers. I parked and we ran to the door, laughing. We made our way to the room at the back of the studio that held the bed.

The key turned in the lock, we slipped inside, and Drew locked the door behind us. I watched as Drew bit her lip with pleasure, holding hairy pussy atk back laughter. I honestly don’t remember much about the 15 minute or so drive from the school stadium to the studio. My hands ran over her tits, across her stomach, over her hips, and to her crotch.

"Get these things off me," she said as she moved toward me, raising her arms above her hairy pussy videos pussy porn videos head and popping a hip to stand there seductively. Our progress was slow, due to the fact that we were making out heavily. We finally made it to the bedroom, and we paused.

Her jeans went next, baring the adorable white cotton panties I had slid my hand into earlier. I slipped off her shirt and stared at the bra she wore, barely holding back her enormous tits. A soft moan escaped Drew when I began to suck, and a small gasp and titter as I applied light pressure with my teeth. They were as tan as the rest of her, hinting at a topless tanning session, and her perfect nipples were the color of milk chocolate.

I cupped one and bent down to place her nipple in my mouth. My cock bumped her ass as I pulled her body back to meet mine. Her pussy was gorgeous, smooth as silk. She stood there, proud, hiding nothing. My heart was pounding as Drew and I looked at each other, half with desire and half with nerves. Hold on a minute, you’re not naked, that’s not f- aaah," she moaned as my tongue found her clit.

"Holy fuck," were my only words as I picked her up, threw her on the bed, and spread her legs. I stepped back to admire her and felt my desire for her rise. " Drew’s mother was a professional photographer who owned her own studio. I licked her, slowly, and her hips began to buck and roll again.

" she ventured nervously after a few moments. I started lapping faster and harder as I led her to climax. I unhooked her bra and was pleasantly surprised: the tits I had expected to droop a bit under their own weight were almost unbelievably perky. She giggled again, enjoying her afterglow, and caught her breath.

I slid my fingers inside the waistband of her panties once more, and slid them down her legs. " I asked cockily as I rose from between her legs. She locked her legs behind my back, and her fingers intertwined with my hair, unintentionally-but luckily-pressing her tits together with her arms.

Her sweet juices covered my entire face below the nose. With a finger, she traced my pecs, my abs. My turn," she said, pushing me off of her and the bed. Her hips bucked harder and she pulled my hair, screaming my name, her body taut and quivering, as she came for the second time that night.

I propped myself on my elbows above her, kissing her stomach, her tits, her pussy. "There’s more where that came from," I teased. "You know, I’ve seen these before. Her breath came in soft moans and gasps as I let my tongue play with her clit, first licking slowly with a flat width, then flicking quickly with the tip.

but never in this context," she said, biting her lip. She almost tore my t-shirt as she threw it over my head. Then her eyes slowly rose to meet mine, and she swallowed. For a few moments, she simply stared at my throbbing cock, mere inches away from her open mouth.

Then she pushed my jeans and boxers down as one. "Seriously, don’t you need a license for a weapon like that? She maintained eye contact as she undid my belt, fumbled the button of my jeans apart. "I’m sure as hell going to try," she said. "You just going to talk about it, or are you going to have some fun with it? I couldn’t help but laugh, and she joined in.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. It felt glorious, having her lovingly caress my member with her mouth. She slowly kissed the tip. Her tongue slid along the bottom of the shaft, from base to tip, along the sides, as she softly coated my cock in a thin layer of her saliva.

"Oh I’m counting on it," she said. but here goes nothing. " Her eyes dropped to focus on my cock. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly. She looked up at me with a pleading light in her big brown eyes, held her position as long as she could, and backed out, gasping for breath.

Looking up at me, she said, "There’s no way I’m taking this. After what seemed like an eternity of her teasing, she stopped and took a deep breath. " She smiled impishly. "’Cause I’m doing it again. She worked her mouth slowly but surely down the shaft, tongue massaging below. " And she slipped her lips around my cock.

Her mouth was warm and wet. "I mean, I did my best. I gathered her hair in my fist in a makeshift ponytail, and used it to guide her head. About halfway down, she abruptly stopped, eyes wide. Her hips swayed and her tits bounced slightly as she found her rhythm. "I’ve always wanted to do this," she cooed, as she knelt in front of me and reached inside the waistband of my boxers to grab the base of my cock.

I still don’t believe her. " She began to suck again, slowly gaining speed. She giggled again, giving me one of the clearest memories of that night: Drew, on her knees, tits heaving as she caught her breath, giggling hairy pussy pics pussies as she stroked my cock. Just before I came, I grabbed her by her cheeks and slid her mouth off my cock. Without warning I pulled her to her feet.

Every so often, she looked up at me with a shy look, smiled-as best she could with my cock in her mouth-and went back to her blowjob with eagerness. To this day, she claims it was the first blowjob she’s ever given. Her arms wrapped around me and she pressed her naked body to mine. She laughed giddily, continuing to stroke my cock slowly.

"Hell yes," I replied. She was still as wet as she could be, and I felt her tighten against me as I thrust. I gently laid her down and took my place above her. " "It was amazing," I replied. "Oh, God," she breathed. She gripped my back, my arms, put a hand on my chest, anywhere she could lay a hand.

She held my gaze with her own, a pleading look in her eyes. Her pussy tightened and loosened, spasming as she tried to accommodate the cock sliding slowly into her. "Slow," she said, as she guided my cock to her. "Oh God, oh God, oh God.

She stroked my pussyporn pics cock as she spread her legs. Drew lay beneath me, eyes wide, clutching me for dear life, and I began to thrust. " With every centimeter I slid in, her eyes got wider. " I gradually increased my pace. Drew kept panting and gasping.

Still I slid my cock slowly in and out. " she panted and begged. Her hips bucked under me. "*Oh fuck, please, please! One hand rose to cup the back of my neck. Her nails dug into my back, and she locked her legs with mine, ankles behind my knees. As her breath returned to normal I kissed her deeply and my hand massaged her breast.

" I asked breathlessly. " I didn’t change my pace. Without breaking the kiss, I pushed her slowly toward the bed. Drew moaned my name and panted, "Fuck me, fuck me. " Just before I came, I pulled out and jerked myself to orgasm. The first rope went directly into Drew’s open, waiting mouth.

" Her eyes held that mischievous light once more. Faster, damnit, faster! Breathlessly, I collapsed beside Drew, and we both giggled, enjoying the afterglow of our night. I don’t know how long it lasted, but eventually Drew’s breath came faster, her moans grew louder until they became screams, her body began to quiver and she arched her back as I gave her her third and final orgasm of the night.

Eventually, I rolled back onto one arm to get another look at my handiwork and admire Drew’s nudity. "Alright, where am I finishing? The rest covered her from chin to pussy; by the time it was done, her tanned and toned body was absolutely drenched in come. " /u/TheDrewChronicles I couldn’t make out any words at this point.

Without another word I started thrusting again, working myself toward orgasm. I still can’t believe how much I came that night, and it stands today as the most impressive cumshot I’ve ever given someone. She stretched luxuriously, placed one hand on the back of my neck and another on my chest, and with a smile, said: "Well it’s about damn time we did that.

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